Modified C5 Resin

Modified C5 Resin

* Modified Terpene Resin
* Acid Modified Resin


Modified Terpene Resin

T series is Piperylene/ Styrene modified terpene resin with higher SP, lower Odor, good balance of initial/ hold bonding/ cohesion. T series resin has strong polarity bring good compatibility with SBS, EVA which have higher VA.

ItemSoftening Point°CColor Gardner#Melt Viscosity
200°C mPa.s


Acid Modified Resin

D series is C5 Resin with acid modified, it has high polarity, high acid value, excellent aging stability and heat stability. This grade is designed for electrical tapes, cloth and duct tapes, masking and paper tapes, heavy-duty and reinforced tapes.

ItemSoftening Point°CColor Gardner#Acid Value
Melt Viscosity
200°C mPa.s
D31009652.0 min1102,3001.8
D3200104510.0 min1502,7002.2
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