C9 Petroleum Resin

C9 Petroleum Resin

C9 aromatic petroleum resin, hydrocarbon resin could be widely used in solvent based adhesives, hot?melt adhesives, alkyd based paints, rubber and printing inks.

*?C9 Thermal-Polymerization Hydrocarbon Resin
*?C9 Catalytic-Polymerization Hydrocarbon Resin


C9 Thermal-Polymerization Hydrocarbon Resin

C9 thermal-polymerization hydrocarbon resin is widely used in anti-corrosive coating, alkyd-based enamel,?aluminium paint, varnish, marine paint, offset ink, newspaper ink and rubber compounding ect.

It is?greatly useful for the improvements in coating properties such as dryness, glossiness, hardness and resistance to acids, alkalis and water.

Colour, Gardner (max)9/109-1110-1211/12
Softening Point (R&B) ℃90-105115-125125-135135-140
Bromine Value (Br cg/g)85 max85 max85 max85 max
Acid Number (KOHmg/g)0.2 max0.2 max0.2 max0.2 max
Melt Viscosity BRF,
@200℃ , cps
Molecular Weight (Mw)8001,4001,600-----


C9 Catalytic-Polymerization Hydrocarbon Resin

C9 pale yellow catalytic-polymerization aromatic hydrocarbon resins obtained from polymerizing unsaturated aromatic olefins and diolefins derived from the process of thermal cracking of naphtha.

UCL & UCLS series resin have good compatibility with EVA, SBS ,BR ect, stable heat resistance, and low odor, which are suitable as solvent based adhesives, hot melt adhesives, and contact adhesives.

Major application areas are paint and varnish, printing ink, adhesive, rubber and elastomers etc.

Colour, Gardner (max)5-64-64-666
Softening Point (R&B) ℃90-105110-120115-125125-135135 min
Bromine Value (Br cg/g)25 max30 max25 max25 max25 max
Acid Number (KOHmg/g)0.1 max0.3 max0.1 max0.1 max0.1 max
Melt Viscosity BRF,
@200℃ , cps
Molecular Weight (Mw)1,3001,5001,8002,0002,100
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