Petroleum Resin

C5 Petroleum Resin

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin ( Petroleum resin ) are low molecular weight, light color thermoplastic resin produced from aliphatic petroleum-derived monomers. They are widely used in PSA, hot melt adhesives & sealants, thermoplastic road marking paint etc.

*?C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Adhesive
*?C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Road Marking Paint
*?DCPD Hydrocarbon Resin


C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Adhesive

Piperylene based pure C5 aliphatic resin, they are suitable for SIS, EVA, APO, SBS, SEBS, NR ect based adhesive, HMPSA, tapes and labels.

Item UnitCharacterSoftening Point°CColor Gardner#Melt Viscosity 200°C mPa.sMwMw/MnTds
Test MethodASTM E 28ASTM D1544ASTM D 3236GPC
O-1310General type for SIS HMPSA.
Excellent color resistance.
UCA100Tire rubber compounds/NR PSA98-1035190-2403,8003.5
Q-100Tire rubber compounds/NR or IIR PSA98-10232102,7002.1
O-1102NR/EVA/POE/APAO Adhesive, has light color & low Tg 98-10231602,1001.7
O-1098General type for HMA, has light color 98-10232002,8002.0
B-1200General type for SIS HMPSA.
Suit for low noisy HMPSA.
O-1304General type for SIS HMPSA.
Excellent color resistance.
UCA100LSpecial type with lower melt viscosity and lower VOC.97-1044160-2002,6001.9
B-1315Higher SP, giving better cohesion.112-12041502,3001.8
Q-1320Higher SP, giving better peel & cohesion to adhesive.115-12543801,7001.5


C5 Hydrocarbon Resin in Road Marking Paint

M-piperylene based aliphatic resin with a unique combination of light color, low order and low viscosity, designed as the binder of hot melt road marking paint.

Item UnitSoftening Point°CColor Gardner#Melt Viscosity
200°C mPa.s
Heat Stability
([email protected]° C)
Test MethodASTM E 28ASTM D1544ASTM D 3236ASTM D1544


DCPD Hydrocarbon Resin

DCPD hydrocarbon resin mainly used as reinforcing agent, tackifier & softener agent to improve the strength and wearing property of rubber, has excellent compatibility with other material such as nature rubber, SBS, SEBS.

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